Monday, April 30, 2012

JS Gentleman Rule #2: Be Stylish

I'm not referring to the clothes you wear, rather the conventions you use in your coding. In fact it's less about style and more following a set of style rules - so closer to being fashionable. There are some examples of style guides out there and they range from the conservative like Google's style guide to the more extreme such as NPM's

I'm not going to tell you what style out there is best, instead I'm only going to tell you that when you're working on previous code or another project you should follow their guidelines. It's definitely easier on the eyes when jumping between files and the code looks the same. In fact go have a look at the JQuery source or any other large open source project with a lot of contributors and see if you can spot which parts are written by different people.

If you're writing for yourself or starting off with a new team have a look at different styles and see which is easiest to understand, even try writing a bit in each and see which flows more naturally for you. It's quite objective which style can be best and a good programmer should be able to adjust between the formats relatively easy.

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