Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Javascript IDE

I've spent most of my time using textmate and lately been on the lookout for a better editor. I tried out Webstorm for a bit, but it felt like overkill and was frustrating to look at and work with so I decided to give macvim a go, and for a while I thought I had found my perfect editor.

That has now all changed. My new IDE is Sublime. I stumbled upon it and saw it's minimap feature and wondered if it could be done in macvim, but looks like it can't (at least not yet and not really well done). It could be done in emacs and I was thinking I might try emacs - but why not give Sublime a spin first?

It was love at first sight. It's just beautiful and it all works with very little setup. The configs are done in a file rather than in a preferences screen and are well documented and if you delve in to the app folder then you see that the setup for the languages are actually textmate files so you can use those syntax files (so I grabbed the syntax for soy files from a tmBundle).

You can also choose to get some vim keymappings, but I found the mappings out of the box to be really good (although there are some that aren't in the menus that you figure out) and more similar to what I was used to in textmate.

The cmd+shift+p is great for running and installing bundles after you get the package manager and it should be fairly easy to get all the things you need.

It's $59 to buy but free to try so give it a go. It took me about 30 minutes before I reached for my credit card. I've got a few packages in there now and looking forward to installing some more tomorrow.


  1. What does the free version and the purchased version do? Like can the purchased version do more than the free version?

  2. there is no time limit to the free version and no features are stopped. I believe the only difference is that you will get notified occiaisonally that it is a free version.

  3. I think Sublime is awesome and all, but it lacks something serious in my opinion - file navigator. All I am asking for is a simple way of importing folders to be able to navigate through your projects and open files. Now that would be a real improvement over TextMate.